May. 28th, 2012

ariskari: (Default) initial plan for keeping this relatively up to date hasn't really worked. Not that I've been posting a great deal more in my Livejournal. Or any online journal for that matter. But I have resolved to write another entry. I do, however, lack a coherent topic. I did think vaguely about talking about DnD terrain and the fun things I've done with it, but I think it's a bit late for my thoughts to be that organised.

So I'll just make this into a general update entry!

The most pressing things on my mind at the moment are the fact that me and The Boyfriend are attempting to buy a house together. It's all going fairly nicely to plan at the moment. We've had our offer accepted, sorted out lawyers, and got a survey done. We just need to do awkward things like stump up some money (and by we I mean I at this point because it's my savings we're using. On account of his not having any) and faff about with a questionnaire we've been sent.

And the other pressing thing is the HIV exposure incident I had on Saturday. Which is all neatly dealt with other than a follow up appointment with Occupational Health in a few months time. But considering what it is, despite knowing I'm perfectly fine it's still going to be hanging around my thoughts quite a bit.

Other less pressing matters are my finally getting into Jane Austen. It's only taken me ten years since I first read Pride and Prejudice to actually try reading it again and enjoying it. Clearly not having to do something for school makes all the difference. Although it's possibly that I've now managed to slog my way through Dumas and Hugo so Austen's language is positively light and bouncy by comparison. Also I'm going to Canada in about a month and I'm starting to get properly excited about it.

And that's enough of an update for now. I'm going to be attempting Camp Nanowrimo in a few days so with luck I might post in here as a procrastination technique.


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