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Entry One: Geography and Climate

Dragonlair: The Traveller's Guide

So you're planning to take a holiday to the Suderian Empire. Good for you, it is a wonderful place with a rich history and a very diverse culture. Many fascinating things to see and do. There is just one slight problem with being quite so generic in your holiday destination. Have you consulted a map recently? The Suderian Brotherhood of Nations is big. It's really, really big. You would not believe how ridiculously big it is. Not as big as space, but we're getting there. In seriousness, Suderia sprawls across the larger half of the known world and are making a valiant attempt at sprawling across the rest of it, if their current wars in Aniran are anything to go by. If you want to explore all of it you're going to require significantly more funds than the purchase of this simple budget travel guide would suggest, and a change of clothing to suit every available weather. To cover the breadth and Width of the Empire you will be forced to range from their northern colonies in the Rainforests off their home continent, to the frigid ice fields of the south where brave souls attempt to hunt down and capture the elusive ice dragons.

Since trying to see absolutely all of that would be quite frankly ridiculous I am going to just focus on Suderia Prime, the capital of this great and glorious nation.

The Suderian's consider themselves the favoured of the gods, and if you are going to go by simple geography then I would say they've got a point. Suderia seems to be perfectly placed to experience the best weather all round. So long as you don't mind rain. The winters are warm and mild, the summers are hot and wet, but there are rarely problems with monsoons and the area is not prone to any tectonic activity or harsh wind patterns. So just be sure to pack an umbrella because it rains 75% of the year. Or, should you be the shopping sort, there are wide variety of hats that can be bought from street vendors that will do an equally good job of fending off the rain. They also serve the function of helping you blend in with the crowd, which you may find useful as foreigners are typically closely watched.

This is probably a good time to mention the secret police. They are everywhere and they do have magic. Do not cross them. They are the most likely thing in your holiday to go wrong.

Moving on, the warm climate and the excessive amounts of rain mean that immediately outside the city, and in quite a lot of parks within the city, there is a lot of rich flora to explore. And very little of it is poisonous, unlike in other parts of the Empire. There are plenty of pleasure palaces and hunting lodges frequented by the nobility dotted around this area where you could take your ease should you be lucky enough to merit an invitation. Which you almost certainly won't be. Sorry.

Should you remain in Suderia Prime for the duration of your stay you will be staying in something closely resembling the lap of luxury (if you ignore all the poverty and disease that runs rampant if you cannot afford a healer). If you prefer something a bit more rugged and earthy, Hymlia is the place for you. This place is very volcanically active with more mountains than you can shake a stick at. There is one major port town on the east side of the island, but the rest of the population live in small villages scattered about the island. The land is simply not fertile enough to support larger groups of people. This one city is all that is left of the Empire's attempts to expand into the place.

Aside from the heat and smoke of the volcanoes the weather is relatively mild. The coastal regions tend to be battered by wind coming in from the sea, but the mountains protect the villages further inland. The island in general is warm, but the surrounding sea prevents the heat from becoming oppressive in the summer. They are somewhat prone to wildfires, but that is more down to the fauna of the island than the climate. The heavy volcanic activity of the island makes this place the perfect habitat for fire dragons. Please be advised that while a wild fire dragon in its natural habitat is quite an amazing sight, these creatures are incredibly dangerous and will regard you as food unless you happen to have a cow handy. Approach with extreme caution.

If you do venture out into the wild (and I would advise it because the culture of the island won't divert you for very long) there are a number of sights to see. The largest of the volcanoes on the island is worshiped by the islanders as a god and the shrine at the base of the mountain is well worth investigating. The summit is also very good, but that does tend to attract dragons that like to bask in the fumes that belch out of the crater. The Firefall on the south side of the island is absolutely breathtaking, although conditions have to be absolutely right to make it run. A little too cold and it solidifies, a little too hot and you cannot see it through the steam. And as well as dragons there are a number of other creatures native to this island that are perfectly adapted to its fiery nature.

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XD I like this. Very interesting landscape.

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oooh, I want to see a real firefall! That's a really neat idea.

I'll make sure not to travel without cattle, though.


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