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Entry Two: History and Politics

I have no expectation of surviving to reach my destination, no hope that I might be able to someday tell my story to my children. I have little enough hope that my children are even alive themselves. But if I commit what has happened to paper then my words at least may survive and may reach someone's ears. Blunt or sharp I care not, so long as our struggle is not forgotten.

We all knew of the growing power in the West, knew that Suderia was expanding far beyond its borders. No one seemed capable of standing in their way. We didn't just roll over and let them into our lands. We put up the best fight we could. We allied with the humans, their councils allying with ours, and raised the greatest army our nation had ever seen. But do no avail. Suderia had soldiers from all five of their conquered territories to call upon, and the might of their Mage Academy. Within a month the capital was under siege, the surrounding territories having been forced to surrender shortly after being engaged. The capital fell a week later.

It was not so bad at first. The Empire wanted us cowed, not broken. If we toed their line and followed their orders we would be left in peace. Our councils were left intact, ruled by an Imperial governor but still largely permitted to make their own decisions. And our Gods were similar enough in nature that a different name did not concern us greatly. The restrictions over magic, however, were harder to bear, and the burden fell more heavily on the elves than it did our human countrymen. By Imperial Law all magic users were to be taken from their families and trained in the Academy. There were no exceptions. One family in five was affected. Some had all their children removed. Others lost both parents. Husbands separated from wives, communities torn apart. After the first few collections we refused.

This first defiance reopened all the old wounds left from the first invasion. It swiftly became a fully fledged rebellion. But it was put down just as swiftly. And then came the Empire's vengeance, as brutal an act as has ever been witnessed on our soil. The source of the rebellion was the elven community and so the elves were sentenced to suffer. If we would not willing serve the Empire and send our people to their Academy then we were to be destroyed. Soldiers came again and no matter the level of cooperation the result was always the same. Men, women, and children...all were slaughtered, along with any humans that tried to aid us. In time the humans' aid ceased. To protect their own we were thrown to the wolves. We had no choice but to flee.

But there was nowhere to go. The might of Suderia had spread. Our former homeland was surrounded by other Imperial territories, and the story there was just the same. We had to get beyond the Empire's reach, to our brethren across the sea. But it was hard going. We had to travel at night and use the worst possible routes to avoid patrols. Many were not able to make it, the old and the sick. My daughter did not wish to leave me, but my sons and her husband forced her to. I was slowing them down, the old war wound in my leg playing up in the cold. If I make it to spring I might be able to reach the harbour on the other side of the mountain and barter passage to Venter. But with the cold and the patrols that have been spotted approaching the region...This will be my last entry in this journal. Lanstar and her family are prepared to brave the winter storms and head to the harbour. I will hand this book to them in the hope that they make it.

Journal found in the possession of a group of fugitives intercepted in the Ketepi mountains

In other's my birthday! Hoorah!

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Happy Birthday!

I like how this is a journal entry but it is heart breaking to read it at the end about the families that were lost.


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