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[personal profile] ariskari journal. Don't know what I'm actually planning on doing with it or if I'm going to abandon Livejournal entirely by having this, but I figure I should at least do something with it.

So for lack of anything better to do I shall use it to record one of my favourite sessions the Dungeons and Dragons game I'm currently running.

Our story begins with a dead butler. Well...that's not strictly true. The original campaign started with an adapted plot of Raymond Feist's Silverthorn. Mostly because the last time I read it I couldn't help but think it read a lot like a DnD adventure. Since I had fun with that, and my players did to, I decided to follow it up with A Darkness at Sethanon too, just to complete things. And then after a bit of a time gap I went onto Krondor: The Betrayal because it's one of my favourites and I had ideas for it, although that one deviated more from the original book storyline than the others. But it was in a way I was prepared for because there was no way the players weren't going to try heading up to the Northlands to take on the Moredhel leader directly. After this they went home for a rest, apparently forgetting (or at least no longer caring about) the other plot hooks I had littered along the way.

This is how we get to the dead butler. Prior to the events in the Betrayal arc there had been an assassination attempt on one of the characters. This was done very publicly and in such a fashion that the assassin wouldn't have been able to get away safely afterwards, indicating a very special kind of contract. They followed this up as best they could, but ultimately decided to head up North to deal with a cursed village and take out a Moredhel army instead (maybe hunting down criminals is boring). So this assassination plotline is left alone to follow its own devices.

During their stint up North a series of murders have been taking place throughout the Kingdom and the Prince summons Rogue (who is a member of his court) in with orders to deal with it since all the murders are in some way linked to the group he's discovered were trying to have Rogue killed. Rogue takes the information and goes off with his adventure mates to get drunk and commiserate over having to do his damn job for once.

The next morning he wakes up to find the file of notes has been moved and the list of current suspects is missing. He finds it nailed to his butler in the reception area of his house. And it's been altered. Many on the list were already dead but some were still believed to be alive, just missing. The alterations have crossed out these names, listing a cause of death next to them, and a few more names have been added. Also helpfully added is the suggestion: "Catch me if you can!"

After paying to resurrect the poor butler the party elect to visit the first name on the list, a jeweller called Stephen Moss. They quickly Portal themselves to the capital, where his shop can be found, and are greeted by Moss's perky and very camp assistant: Lawrence. He takes wonderful care of them while waiting for his boss to turn up. He makes tea when Moss appears and then disappears off to the back room to do some stock checking while the players question Moss about his involvement in the assassination attempt and the deaths of his co-conspirators. As the conversation goes on Moss starts looking more and more distressed until he starts looking flat out unwell. Wizard, who has a very good heal check, works out that he's been poisoned rather than just frightened. Unfortunately Lawrence has long since disappeared at this point (right out of a room with one door and no windows...but the players didn't pick up on that from what I recall).

While Wizard, Cleric, and Invoker stay in the shop to try and slow the poison, the Rogue and Fighter head off to Lawrence's flat about half an hour away. Surprise, surprise they find him stuffed under the bed, throat cut and body sprinkled with lavender to try and hide the smell of decomposition. Once the poison situation is resolved Wizard joins them to carry out some rituals on the room to try and establish what exactly happened. He has a scrying ritual that enables him to see images of an object's past. Picking the room as his object he lets the past unfold. Unfortunately there is something interfering, meaning that as far as his vision is concerned Lawrence goes straight from sitting at his desk writing to dead. The points in between this are blurred. He does, however, see Lawrence's pet cat shooting out from beneath the bed. And since Wizard (or was it Cleric...) also have a ritual that enables them to speak with animals, this means they have something of a witness!

And so ends the tale of how my epic level adventurers went from stopping armies of ancient evil and lifting death curses on villages to tracking down Tiddles the cat for his witness statement.

If I can't think of anything more world shattering for my next entry I might relate the tale of why Wizard is now very wary of books.


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