ariskari: (Default) the packing. I hate packing. I hate even small minor packing like going on holiday. So having to pack up absolutely everything I own? Hell on wheels. I've been at it on and off for about an hour and I'm already really bored. I'm watching the Women's Gymnastics as I go which is helping me a little. But still...urgh.

and I'm worried about filling boxes up to be too heavy, but I'm not really sure how to get round it. Layer of books and then a layer of clothes? I think my books are the only thing that are really going to break people's backs when they try lifting them.

But this post here is just another form of procrastination really. So to add something useful and constructive to all this...I do have the key now. So it's all official, it's our house. We can move in and start our new life in Burgess Hill any time we like :D


Jul. 28th, 2012 01:30 pm
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I have a house! Well...I don't technically have the house until Tuesday when the completion date is. But I've paid the deposit, signed the contract, and the rest of the money is set to go forward on Monday so that the solicitors can get everything ready for completion on Tuesday. Woohoo!

Unfortunately this now means I need to get everything else sorted. Mike's said he's going to handle most of the bill related stuff, but since the Council Tax and Water bills are in my name I should probably get round to doing those.

I was hoping that I'd be able to use my shiny new Nationwide online banking service to do it but for some reason it won't. Fucking stupid thing.

And there is the unfortunate thing that I now have to pack up everything I own. And I hate packing. Packing to go on holiday is bad enough. But hopefully this is one of the only times I'll have to pack up my entire life. Gone are my days of flitting about to a new place of residence every year or so. Now I just need some boxes to make the job easier. Going to try and steal them from work.
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Last night I had a pretty cool dream. It involved Fred and George Weasley being vampire hunters. They were in some sort of marketplace when they heard these bizarre noises. It was the cry of these young cat like creatures who are typically associated with a particularly powerful lady vampire they've been hunting for a while. Stuff goes down, the cats attack, and there's an epic chase scene.

Then they're on a train (or possibly in my old school kind of changed about a bit) and the lady vampire is revealed to be their little sister Ginny! *cue dramatic music*

Unfortunately I woke up before the big smackdown fight at the end occurred. So sad.

In other news, the house buying is...kind of progressing. It's all going fairly well from our end. We've got the money sorted, our biggest concern has been dealt with, so we're just waiting for a few more details to be carried out by the lawyers and we're good to go. However, those details are taking their sweet time in being confirmed. And the seller's lawyers took ages in getting the important question we needed answered! Which means the land searches are only just going ahead. The estate agents are apparently tearing their hair out over things because they no longer think we're going to make the 31st as a completion date. I feel for the stress they must be under but that's kind of not our fault, nor our problem. We wanted to move sometime in August and we busted guts to get ourselves to this position. I realise this is more the people further up the chain's fault (who for some reason thought it was a good idea to announce on the 27th of June they needed to move on the 27th of July!) but there's not a great deal we can do to help you.

And in yet more news that is way less stressful than the second and way more awesome than the first...I'm going to be a bridesmaid :D *happy dance*
ariskari: (Default) initial plan for keeping this relatively up to date hasn't really worked. Not that I've been posting a great deal more in my Livejournal. Or any online journal for that matter. But I have resolved to write another entry. I do, however, lack a coherent topic. I did think vaguely about talking about DnD terrain and the fun things I've done with it, but I think it's a bit late for my thoughts to be that organised.

So I'll just make this into a general update entry!

The most pressing things on my mind at the moment are the fact that me and The Boyfriend are attempting to buy a house together. It's all going fairly nicely to plan at the moment. We've had our offer accepted, sorted out lawyers, and got a survey done. We just need to do awkward things like stump up some money (and by we I mean I at this point because it's my savings we're using. On account of his not having any) and faff about with a questionnaire we've been sent.

And the other pressing thing is the HIV exposure incident I had on Saturday. Which is all neatly dealt with other than a follow up appointment with Occupational Health in a few months time. But considering what it is, despite knowing I'm perfectly fine it's still going to be hanging around my thoughts quite a bit.

Other less pressing matters are my finally getting into Jane Austen. It's only taken me ten years since I first read Pride and Prejudice to actually try reading it again and enjoying it. Clearly not having to do something for school makes all the difference. Although it's possibly that I've now managed to slog my way through Dumas and Hugo so Austen's language is positively light and bouncy by comparison. Also I'm going to Canada in about a month and I'm starting to get properly excited about it.

And that's enough of an update for now. I'm going to be attempting Camp Nanowrimo in a few days so with luck I might post in here as a procrastination technique.


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